• Reviewed by: lailasaquing  on: 2016-03-08T07:20:02
    Train your staff for a better customer service.The lady manager is rude.Staff never smile,specially the manager???She does'nt know how to apologized!She is not fit for the job!
  • Reviewed by: Kim.wrigley  on: 2015-11-09T21:19:00
    Hi,It appears that your coupon offer is not working properly when you go to print it.Thanks,Kim
  • Reviewed by: Kevin.elmy  on: 2015-11-07T16:26:30
    What are your Remembrance Day hours?
  • Reviewed by: twilkes  on: 2015-11-01T20:25:39
    Are you open on Christmas day "December 25th"?
  • Reviewed by: Hannah  on: 2015-09-13T22:21:22
    Amazing Place! Waitress so nice, always smile! The buffet is so fresh and hot! Sashimi! Oh, My God! Totally love ! So many dessert there! Cheesecake, I love most! Come back soon.........
  • Reviewed by: Tiff65  on: 2015-08-09T16:17:42
    Favorite place! Always great!
  • Reviewed by: Alex76  on: 2015-08-08T13:38:24
    First time here! Great service and Excellent food! Thank you
  • Reviewed by: Dustin  on: 2015-08-07T14:55:45
    Oh. My God! This place has already been open about 2 years! I just live around it. I think they need to do more ads so that people will know this beautiful and excellent restaurant! First time here for lunch. Hot and Fresh!!!!!! Come back for supper with friends!
  • Reviewed by: Owen  on: 2015-08-07T14:36:53
    I don't know how many times I have eaten here for supper. Always Excellent! The buffet is always Hot and Fresh! Comparing to the north one, I like here better! Thank you for your Excellent food and service!
  • Reviewed by: funluvin24  on: 2015-08-06T07:43:56
    I choose this place for my birthday supper. Typically we go to the north end one but this one is closer to where I live. I am sorry I didn't go to the north one. The hot buffet was cold. When we told the waitress she said oh and ran over to it. We received no apology, nothing. She was the same person who cashed us out and never said a word. Not only will I not be returning but I will be reporting this to Public Health as that is a huge health risk to the public.
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