• Reviewed by: Gamma3  on: 2013-05-10T17:16:32
    Received your I love sushi buffet flyer in mail today. I can't seem to find the cost of your buffet. So my first thought was it must be very expensive. I also checked website and still no price for the buffet. Not very good advertising.
  • Reviewed by: horsecrazytracey  on: 2013-03-16T17:28:53
    Tried to place an order for pick up and had a question about the menu....phoned 8 times in an hour and not once did anyone answer the phone....the website does not tell you anything about the food....not even what the pictures are....guess they don't need my business so I went somewhere else...will tell everyone I know!!!!
  • Reviewed by: jp_1971  on: 2013-03-09T16:36:20
    What a great rib.....came from out of town and was surprised to find out that I Love Sushi was not even fully i am so glad that I wasted my time going there....thank you so much I Love Sushi
  • Reviewed by: SeanOpry88  on: 2012-11-16T12:54:49
    This place is great.
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